3 Paintball Tips that Beginners Had to Know


Going paintballing for the very first time is an exhilarating experience that you’re unlikely to ever forget.

But more recent gamers can discover themselves at a disadvantage when pitted versus those that have played prior to. To level the playing field, it is necessary that you research our 10 tried and tested suggestions that’ll transform you from a total rookie into a paintball task force.

1. Don’t be afraid of the paintball

Getting struck by a paintball injures less than you may anticipate. Yes it can sting, yes it can even leave a little mark, however a moment or 2 later and you’ll have forgotten everything about it and will be raring to get back in the video game.
Some brand-new gamers are so anxious about being hit that they spend all of their first video game hiding behind a tree. Not just is this a relatively dull method to invest your very first paintball video game, but it also isn’t a particularly good way of avoiding getting hit either.
This is because much better gamers will move far more rapidly into much better positions, putting you at a downside. So suck it up and move yourself – it’s only paint!

If you are truly fretted about getting hit, attempt using some light gloves and a number of extra layers under your overalls. You might fume, however you probably won’t feel a thing.

2. Do remember to keep your mask on at all times in the paintball zone

The importance of this rule is difficult to undervalue.
Keeping your face protected is the best way to guarantee that your very first game of paintball is as safe and satisfying as it can potentially be.

3. Do not hand out your position if it will put you at a downside

Paintball weapons are quite loud when they fire, so if you do conjecture, don’t be surprised when a great deal of paint comes flying your method return!
There’s generally just three needs to fire your marker:

a. You can see an opponent, and you understand that you have a great chance of tagging them.
b. You understand that your opponent is behind cover, and you want to keep them there by setting a hail of paint so that a colleague can move into a brand-new position.
c. You ‘d like to ‘wake up’ your trigger before a video game (test that your marker is working properly).
Don’t waste paint by firing at challengers that are too far away or too deep in cover. Rather, remain quick and peaceful till you have actually discovered yourself a better position.